Reading Clinic (2 hr) 
This program is geared toward students who are struggling readers. This program uses multisensory activities to teach students phonemic awareness skills necessary to become better readers. Students will also focus on reading comprehension and fluency.

Critical Thinking (2 hr) 
This program is designed to teach critical thinking as a skill. The lessons teach students to solve real world problems using critical thinking.
Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes

Vocabulary Workshop ( 2 hr) 
This program helps students build vocabulary skills through an understanding of Greek and Latin Root, Prefix and Suffix meanings.

ACT Boot Camp
This program helps students prepare for the ACT. Our boot camp focuses on learning the content that the ACT covers.

Boot Camp Sessions
• Session 1: English
• Session 2: Reading/Writing
• Session 3: Math Pre-Algebra/Algebra
• Session 4: Math Geometry (Coordinate Plane and Trigonometry)
• Session 5: Science
• Session 6: Test Taking Strategies