Nia Educational provides Consulting and Coaching services.  Our company provides services that include:

Nia Educational provides customized professional learning services. Our customized professional learning services are designed to build capacity, focus on ways to improve curriculum expertise, and help teachers keep abreast of new instructional strategies, technology tools, and instructional resources. Nia Educational works with schools and districts to design professional learning opportunities that are aligned with school goals and or school improvement plans. Our customized professional learning sessions aim to provide educators with new ways of thinking about teaching and learning that are grounded in research and presented in an interactive format that honors adult learners.

Nia Educational believes that a high-quality teaching staff is created by investing in student-centered instructional coaching. We believe that when teachers are rooted in strong pedagogy and have a firm understanding of best practices, all students can achieve. In our student-centered coaching model, our coaches partner with teachers to design learning that is based on a specific objective for student learning. Our student-centered coaching guides teachers to use data and student work to analyze progress and make informed decisions about instruction that is differentiated and based on the needs of the students. Our coaches collaborate with teachers to assist them in using formative assessment data and student work to guide instruction as well as summative assessment data to assess progress towards mastery.

NIA Educational also provides on-site literacy Response to Intervention services for students during the school day and after school.  We use evidence -based strategies to provide reading intervention for struggling readers. Our company offers small group RTI services for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students using a blended instruction model.  Our instructors use a combination of computer -based instruction as well as research based multisensory Orton Gillingham approaches to provide reading instruction.All students began with a diagnostic assessment. We assess Comprehension, Fluency,Spelling, Phonological Awareness and Writing. Based upon the results we develop a Reading Improvement Plan (RIMP) for each student. We provide constant progress monitoring in order to analyze the impact of our interventions. We adjust interventions based on the findings of the progress monitoring. Services are delivered by highly qualified and trained educators.

The cornerstone of high-quality teaching is principal feedback through frequent classroom walkthroughs. Due to hectic schedules it isn’t always feasible to do this.

Using our state-of-the-art video and audio equipment we can capture instruction in real-time which allow leaders to provide unbiased evaluations of teaching practices.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows principals to gather better data for evaluations by viewing and listening to individual students or student groups.