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Are you ready to transform your child’s relationship with math? Our Math Brain Boot Camp uses evidence-based instructional practices to ensure that everyone has the potential to excel in mathematics. Our unique approach combines brain training exercises with targeted math lessons to boost your child’s mathematical number sense skills and cognitive abilities.

Our Math Brain Boot Camp offers dynamic, personalized math instruction by integrating differentiated instruction, hands-on multi-sensory activities, and adaptive math technology. Our Math Brain Boot Camp program will equip students with the foundational skills necessary to prepare them for the seamless progression into algebra.  

Our Math Brain Boot Camp is comprised of two courses. Each course contains nine blocks of instruction. Throughout these five-week blocks within each course, students delve into foundational skills essential for success in Algebra.

Math Brain Boot Camp Course 1

Block 1: Multiplicative Thinking

Students define multiplication, multiply 1-digit factors, and multiply by 10 and multiples of 10. 

Block 2: The Distributive Property

Students multiply by 1-, 2- and 3-digit factions using place value and partial products. 

Block 3: Division

Students divide by 1- and 2-digit divisors using related multiplication factors and the partial quotient method.

Block 4: Fraction Concepts

Students use visual models to identify, compare, and add fractions, and to represent division problems as fractions.

Block 5: Fraction Relationships

Students develop strategies to compare fractions, identify equivalent fractions, and add subtract fractions.

Block 6: Fraction Multiplication and Division

Students multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers.  

Block 7: Decimals and Place Value

Students use fractions and place value to represent decimals, and they locate decimals on a number line.

Block 8: Decimal Operations

Students apply their knowledge of place value and fractions to calculate with decimals.

Block 9: Both Sides of Zero

Students use number sense and visual models to add and subtract positive and negative numbers.

Math Brain Boot Camp Course 2

Block 1: Rates in Time

Students represent motion and compare rates using graphs and tables.

Block 2: Rates and Ratio

Students find rates and make connections between rates.

Block 3: Ratio Relationships

Students represent and apply ratios to compare quantities and use models to understand percents.

Block 4: Percent and Proportional Reasoning 

Students apply concepts of percent to solve problems and understand proportionality.

Block 5: Proportional Relationships 

Students use graphs and equations to understand proportional relationships.

Block 6: Linear Relationships

Students write and interpret linear equations.

Block 7: Graphs in the Plane

Students connect operations with negative numbers to negative slope in the four quadrants.

Block 8: Functions

Students graph and solve equations of linear and nonlinear functions.

Block 9: Systems of Equations

Students use graphs to find and interpret solutions to systems of linear and nonlinear equations.

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