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Nia Educational provides personalized tutoring services.  The cornerstone of our tutoring program is individualization.  Prior to beginning services, all students complete a diagnostic assessment that will point their individualized needs.  Based upon the results of the assessments, our tutors will develop an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) for your child. During each tutoring session our tutors will work on those skills identified in the ILP. We monitor your child’s progress using benchmark assessments as we deliver instruction.  Parents will receive weekly reports that detail what was accomplished during each session.

Reading                                                                                                                                                              Nia Educational uses evidence-based practices to help students become more proficient readers.  We incorporate multi-sensory strategies that help students understand how to comprehend, decode, encode and use metacognitive strategies to understand the text that they read.

Our reading program builds on the research based understanding that effective reading instruction builds on the Big 5.  Our reading program focuses on:

Phonemic Awareness-the ability to identify and manipulate the sounds in spoken word.

Phonics– the understanding  that there is a systematic and predictable relationship between written letters and spoken sounds

Vocabulary Development-the knowledge of stored information about the meanings and pronunciations of words necessary for communication. Vocabulary development is important for beginning reading in that when a student comes to a word and sounds it out, he or she is also determining if the word makes sense based on his or her understanding of the word.  Vocabulary development is a primary determinant of reading comprehension. Readers cannot understand the content of what they are reading unless they understand the meaning of the majority of words in the text.

Fluency– the ability to read words accurately and quickly. Fluent readers recognize words and comprehend them simultaneously. Reading fluency is a critical factor necessary for reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension– is the culmination of all of the above reading skills and the ultimate goal of learning to read. The purpose of mastery of each of the four previous skills is to enable comprehension. 



All of our Math tutoring services are built around mathematical proficiency.  Our math program focuses on five strands:

Conceptual Understanding—comprehension of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations.

Procedural Fluency—skill in carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately.

Strategic Competence—ability to formulate, represent, and solve mathematical problems.

Adaptive Reasoning—capacity for logical thought, reflection, explanation, and justification.

Productive Disposition—habitual inclination to see mathematics as sensible, useful, and worthwhile, coupled with a belief in diligence and one’s own efficacy.