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Reading Brain Boot Camp

Our Reading Brain Boot Camp offers dynamic, personalized literacy instruction by integrating differentiated instruction, hands-on multi-sensory activities, and adaptive instructional technology. Our Literacy Brain Boot Camp program will equip students with the language comprehension, word recognition and writing skills necessary to become fluent readers and writers. 

Students will begin the Reading Brain Boot Camp by taking a diagnostic assessment to determine their literacy needs.  The diagnostic assessment will assess each students decoding, encoding, comprehension, fluency and writing skills. This assessment will be used to create instructional groups which will allow our instructors to provide differentiated instruction during the Reading Brain Boot Camp. The diagnostic assessment will be used as baseline data and used to compare student progress monitoring data that will be collected throughout the program. 

Students will complete the diagnostic assessment upon beginning the boot camp, and again in week 5 of the camp and during the final session in order to measure the student’s response to the instructional intervention. Student progress will also be monitored via permanent products such as work samples, performance on instructional software and other formative assessments. 

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